Rise and Grind

Coffee 101 & Sailing 101
Activate your tastebuds and befriend the wind

5 day trip
Barcelona, Spain
Sailing Boat: Monohull; Catamaran (12 guests max.)

The first rule of coffee is that there are no rules

Coffee opens our eyes and sets our minds on fire. Only after the first sip of the day can we gain mental clarity and begin to put our day in order. Coffee is not just a physical substance, but a ritual that has become a beloved catalyst for productivity. It has become a worldwide ceremony in which people from different walks of life commune and collaborate over. Community is a fundamental force in the specialty coffee world. There are approximately 113 hands that are involved in the handling of coffee before the last person picks up a glass to take a sip of an espresso. What better way to indulge in this beloved stimulant than by watching the world pass by from the deck of a sailboat?



Relax & Tan

Learn about Coffee

Brew & Taste Coffee

Visit a roastery

The most 'breve' tutor you’ve ever had.

At the age of 14, Sally discovered her love of specialty coffee and the community surrounding it. Sally started her coffee journey in Toronto working as a barista and managing several cafes. She then travelled to the Gulf to expand her coffee knowledge. She spent her time consulting prospective cafe owners, and hiring and training baristas. She found herself drawn to the rising coffee scene in Cairo and is now working there, hoping to spread specialty coffee culture in Egypt.

Trip Itinerary

What is happening when & where


July 11th 2022 – July 15th 2022


Port Olímpic Barcelona, Spain


5 days / 4 nights on a sailing yacht

Active Sailing with Skipper

Learn about coffee with an expert

5 breakfasts, snacks, beverages

All port fees & diesel fees

Course with professional

Trip to roastery


1700€ + 42.5€ transaction fee
Catamaran upgrade: 350€
Private room upgrade: 1450€

The trip that could transform all your future mornings

Coffee heals. It heals your morning headache; it comforts your cold hands. Coffee is a miracle worker. That is, if it’s done right. 

Come along and learn the entire process of coffee making. Understand the different methods of brewing and visit one of the best roasteries in the world. 

Breez-ed is offering you the chance to learn how to make your own cup of happiness whilst unwinding and taking a break from the hectic word.

What your ride looks like

  • Catamaran:
    • 4 Cabins
    • 4 Bathrooms
    • Equipped kitchen
  • Monohull:
    • 3 Cabins
    • 1 Bathroom
    • Equipped Kitchen
  • Skipper
  • Zephyr guide

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